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Ainsworth Unearthed (1999)

Kensal Green Cemetery: Performance, Installation, Artwork and Walk

Stuck at home in Kensal Green, with 2 small children I started to delve into the lives of some of my past neighbours as a way to while away the time and daydream of more exciting lives than my own.
So it was that I came across William Harrison Ainsworth, dandy, rake and dashing writer of Kensal Green who lived in a grand house which would have been a field away, over 100 years earlier. I became fascinated, and started to dig up his life, loves, literary endeavors and fall-outs all happening on the same streets where my own life felt so stuck and banal.
A couple of years work culminated in a day long event through Kensal Green Cemetery where he was buried, exploring his life through performance, artwork and music.

Ainsworth Unearthed 1
Ainsworth Unearthed 2